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Winter Storm Samuel Update

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December 26, 2013

Los Santos, SA

     Winter Storm Samuel has now passed over the state and moved on. The snow is not expected stay long but it caused traffic and other problems durng the entire duration of the storm. Parts of Los Santos County experienced power loss and the San Andreas Highway Patrol stated they had over 50 accidents reported across the region, along with 44 spin outs and 30 additional motorist assist calls. Even as the snow melts, the memories shall remain.

Los Santos FD Public Service Advisory

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Public Service Advisory

All Communities in the City of Los Santos

Effective 00:41 EST


Los Santos Fire Department is issuing a response time advisory covering all communities within the City of Los Santos effective immediately. LSFD is reporting long response time due to the impact of Winter Storm Samuel. LSFD will continue to prioritize its resources based on urgency and availability of resources.


All citizens are encouraged to avoid unnecessary travel during the storm, and are to stay away from coastal regions as the water temperature has dropped. LSFD and the Los Santos Detachment of the Coast Guard will continue to monitor coastal areas as needed.



LSFD Chief

Los Santos Regional Coast Guard Chief

Weather Outlook

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December 24, 2013

Los Santos, SA

   Looks like it will be a white Christmas here in San Andreas as winter storm Samuel enters the region. We will be expecting up to 6 to 8 inches in some areas. San Andreas Highway Patrol and the Department of Transportation are urging motorists to use caution whil driving, especially in the snow. SADOT will be out in full force begin this afternoon. In adition, the San Andreas Emergency Operations Center willl be open at 8 PM tonight.

  We will also be monitoring the Christmas Day storm and providing additional information.

Another Aircraft Crash

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December 13, 2013
Los Santos, SA

        Drivers along the La Puerta Freeway near downtown LS were in for a suprise when a single engine aircraftmade an emergency landing after losing a wing. No injuries were reported as the pilot was the only party aboard, and was transported to Mt Zohna Medical Center as a precaution. After authorities arrived on scene, the aircraft began to expell flames from it's exhaust, which LSFD was able to contain. Officials are investigating the incident.

         As this becomes the third crash with this specific model of airplane, some may speculate there is a malfunction in the aircraft's construction. Federal officials did not make any direct connection between the 3 incidents and said that they will be talking to the company and also checking in with currents owners around San Andreas.

Bait Car Operation

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November 7, 2013
Los Santos, SA

    Various law enforcement agencies completed bait car stings in south Los Santos last night and early this morning. Three arrests were made and, according to police, there was no trouble except for a little bit of chasing before the bait cars were shut down. LSPD expects to do similar operations soon.

State Police Absorbing the Los Santos County Sheriff's Office?

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September 12, 2013

Los Santos, SA

         San Andreas Highway Patrol announced today that they will be looking into a new agreement with the Los Santos County Sheriff's Office to take over their patrol and emergency response in the county. 

         The agreement should be settled by the end of this month on whether or not SAHP will be taking over the area's law enforcement. Curently the county covers the town of Chumash and the wilderness surrounding Los Santos.

        SAHP told us that they would plan to start a Resident Trooper program where a trooper would live in a community and provide service to that area. SAHP already provides coverage to both airports and also all major thruways in San Andreas, along with assisting local agencies in crime investigations and various task forces.