Department of Services-Los Santos

To Serve the Greater Los Santos Area

Fire and Emergency Medical Services

Fire protection and emergency medical services are important in keeping the community safe and helping those in danger or injured. We do plan on expanding to having multiple paid and volunteer services( City, Towns, and County)

Los Santos Fire Department

Badge Preview Badge Preview Los Santos Fire Department offers medical services, rescue, and fire protection to the city of Los Santos, village of Chumash, and the surrounding hills 24/7, Always Ready This is a full time job.

 The EMS division of the LSFD provides ambulatory care, paramedical and basic,  to the city of Los Santos, village of Chumash, and the surrounding hills. This is a full time job.


Los Santos County Fire Rescue

Provide services to the mountains surrounding Los Santos and the Senora Dessert. Recently, LSCoFR has merged with BCFR and will now cover all of Los Santos and Blaine County. The agency will be headquartered out of Paleto Bay. This is a volunteer agency though it will run a day crew. Visit

.Badge Preview


Blaine County Fire and Rescue



Volunteer fire and ambulance out in the dry desert and northern mountains. Headquarters in Sandy Shores and also in Paleto Bay.