Department of Services-Los Santos

To Serve the Greater Los Santos Area


DOSLS holds no media or information regarding Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation Network and Xbox Live as our own as they are strictly copyright of those respective companies and associates. DOSLS also does not recognize any media or information regarding any mentioned games such as and including; the Grand Theft Auto game franchise, as our own but infact copyright of their own companies and their associates. Apearing badges were designed by using .

Rules and Regulations


1) Must have a microphone

2) Must follow regulations of your department

3) Follow instructions from members of higher rank

4) Actually show for patrols

5) Preferably 13 or older THOUGH, we will accept younger players if they can prove themselves

"Hiring" Protocall

Send an application via the "Contact Us" 

1) Complete all parts of the application 

2) Go through a review in-game

3) Create a member profile on this website, as well as if you wish to access the database. 

 Transfers from DOSLC are exempted from this process.

Radio Protocall

Department of Services Radio Protocol for All GTA Gaming Clans


*General Notes:

            1) Use the in-game cell phone for communication between yourself and witnesses/victims/suspects/ DOS staff ect.

            2) When a suspect/victim/ect is asked for their gamer-tag (if it’s not shown), can only refuse once, otherwise will be ‘arrested’ for ‘interference to an investigation.’ (Applying to interrogations both field and at stations)

            3) Use xbox chat channels for conversations that should remain ‘discrete.’


      5) Zello Walkie Talkie is the back up system and should be used for all large events.

*Team Deathmatch Radio Channel System


Channel 1: Main Dispatch (Team Chat)

Channel 2: Fire-ground 1/ Incident 1/ PD Tac 1 (Party Chat)

Channel 3: Interview/ Other 1 (Xbox Chat)

Channel 4: Interview/ Other 2 (Game Cell Phone)

Channel 5: Tac Comm 1 (Xbox Messaging)


To Communicate from any Tac or other channel, the unit in charge or incident commander should come back to the main channel and contact dispatch, or send an xbox message.

Crooks/ Civilians

*General Notes
-Crooks comit majior and minor crimes.
-Civilians cause minor crimes, such as traffic violations, and other calls such as fires, medicals, and accidents. They are also the ones who report incidents.
-You will be assigned which position you are, depending on the meeting.

-Criminals and civilians are not allowed to steal emergency or public service vehicles without permission from the game supervisor.

-No explosives will be used under any curcumstances unless approved by  

*here is a list of calls for you to try:

--911 hang up
--shots fired
--noise complaint
--baracaded suspect
--home invasion
--domestic disturbance
--drug transaction
--altered-mental status
--riot/ protest
--bomb threat
--suspicious person
--car jacking, assault, and homicide

--MVA with injuries
--MVA no injuries
--fire alarms
--structure fire
--vehical fire
--sick person
--difficulty breathing
--traffic violations
--boat fire
--building rescue
--water-craft maday
--hazmat incident
--water rescue
--carbon monoxide alarm
--unconcious party
--altered mental status
--accidental 911 call
--suicide attempt

Infraction Policy

Disciplinary Action Policy For All Department of Services (D.O.S) Gaming Clans

Commissioner CHIEFMIKE01

And other DOS Administrators

Effective June 14, 2013  


D.O.S. recognizes the need to implement disciplinary policy to ensure organized participation in clan games. By becoming a D.O.S member, you agree to and promise to abide by clan rules and regulations, this applies to that agreement. D.O.S. members are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with this policy as failure of knowledge of this policy will not be an adequate reason to avoid disciplinary action. Any questions regarding this policy should be immediately forwarded to the commissioner as soon as possible. For a description of each infraction, please consult Section 2 of this policy document.

Upon receipt of an infraction, a member may have the infraction removed from them by continuing good behavior for one (1) month after the infraction date. After the one month has elapsed, D.O.S. administrators will remove the infraction from the member’s file. It is important to note that a member must not commit any infractions in order to receive this pardon.

Section One: Actions Taken Per Infraction

Actions resulting in a warning:

- Excessive Chatter on Radio Frequencies, unless otherwise specified

- Insubordination (First Offense)

- Malicious Damage to Property (First Offense)

- Excessing Cursing Outside of a Roleplay Scenario (First Offence)

- Failure to Kick as Instructed (First Offense)

Actions Resulting Immediate Kick From Game:

- Misconduct in Game (First Offense)

- Malicious Damage to Property (Second Offense)

- Fighting outside of a Roleplay Scenario (First Offence)

- Excessive Cursing Outside of a Roleplay Scenario (Second Offense)

Each of the following suspensions also include being kicked from the current game.

Actions resulting in a one game suspension:

- Insubordination (Second Offense)

- Misconduct in Game (Second Offense)

- General Harassment (First offense)

- Bullying (First Offense)

- Failure to Kick as Instructed (Second Offence)

- Unauthorized Kicking of Other Players (First Offense)

Actions resulting in a two game suspension:

- General Harassment (Second Offense)

- Misconduct in Game (Third offense)

- Insubordination (Third Offense)

Actions resulting in a three game suspension:

- Sexual Harassment (First offense)

- Threats to a Person’s Safety (First Offense)

- Threats to a Person's Well Being (First Offence)

Actions resulting in more than a three game suspension; determined by clan admin:

- Sexual Harassment (Second Offense)

- Threats to a Person’s Safety (Second Offense)

- Threats to a Person’s Well Being (Second Offence)

Section Two: Description of Infractions:

1) Excessive Chatter on Radio Frequencies

- Failure to adhere to DOS chat policies.

- Creating chatter that inhibits dispatch’s ability to relay information.

- Creating chatter that inhibits other participants ability to contact dispatch and each other.

2) Insubordination

- Not listening to the instructions of higher command or leaders, purposely to cause dispute.

- Failure to adhere to dispatcher’s instructions.

3) Malicious Damage to Property

- Damage to other player’s property/equipment in game play. (not including during specific scenes and scenarios)

4) Misconduct in Game

- Killing other members outside of the appropriate game scenario.

- Failure to conduct yourself accordingly within the specified scenario.

5) Excessing Cursing outside of a roleplay scenario

- Cursing seen as excessive and unreasonable as determined by clan administrators.

- Cursing directly used to verbally harm another participant.

- General cursing that occurs when scenarios are not in play.

6) Failure to Kick as Instructed

- When a player refuses to kick another player when instructed to by clan administrators.

7) Unauthorized Kicking of Other Players

- Occurs when players purposefully kick another player out of a game when not authorized to do so.

8) Harassment

- Under all forms of harassment as outlined within Article 6: Anti-Harassment Policy.

- Different forms of harassment will be dealt with as outlined within this document.

9) Threats to a Person’s Safety

- Threats to kill or cause physical harm to a member in general, including themselves.

- Where it is believed there is a strong possibility the act will be carried out, proper action will be taken including but not limited to reporting the infraction to Xbox Administrators, Law Enforcement, etc.

10) Threats to a Person’s Wellbeing

- Threats of hacking Xboxs, PS3s, or PCs, or any other technology.

- You will be reported to the appropriate admins if hacking is confirmed or strongly believed.


No Tolerance Policy

 Policy Statement:

The Department of Services: Los Santos, hereby referred to as DOSLS throughout this policy, acknowledges that any sanctioned DOSLS game is a safe environment for all participants, and do not tolerate any harassment in any form. All forms of harassment, inclusive but not limited to on gender, racial, sexual orientation,physical and/or mental disability, will be swiftly dealt with upon receipt of a complaint. Bullying and or hazing are also prohibited within this policy and are dealt with in accordance to this policy.
How to file a complaint:
Any incidents of harassment may be reported to any command staff within DOSLS.Upon receipt of a complaint, the command staff will notify the Commissioner of the infraction and will proceed with the procedure outlined within this policy.Complaints may be received via e-mail, xbox message or verbal delivery to a staff member of DOSLS.
If a command staff observes a situation, they are required to record it as an incident and report it to the Commissioner.
Complaint Procedure:
After the complaint as been received, the Commissioner or his delegate will start an investigation into the complaint. The investigator will initiate interview with the complainant and respondent on the situation. Upon receipt of the interviews, the investigator will compile a report and submit it to the Commissioner for approval.
Once the Commissioner has made his decision, he will notify both parties in writing, and will inform both parties of the appropriate punishments. The range of punishments includes demotion, suspension, and/or removal from the clan.
All members have the right to appeal a decision made within this policy. Upon the receipt of an appeal, the Commissioner will notify all command staff of the appeal and will ask for an appeal committee to be formed. A total of three command staff will be appointed to the committee and tasked to review the decision of the commissioner. No command staff can participate within the appeals committee if they have previously dealt with the appealed situation.
The appeals committee will review the report submitted to the Commissioner, and the respondent will have an opportunity to present new evidence or evidence that
the complaint was not handled properly. The committee must unanimously agree ifa reversal is recommended or the Commissioner’s position will stand. The decision by the appeals committee is final and binding.
Limitations of this policy:
While DOSLS promotes a safe gaming experience for all it’s members, any infraction outside of DOSLS events and games does not fall under this policy. If a member experiences harassment outside of a DOSLS game by another member, he/she may notify a command staff or Commissioner of the situation and the responding staff may try to mediate the situation between the two members.